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USCIS Updates Policies to Improve Immigration Services

As part of the Biden Administration's efforts in fixing the immigration system in the wake of Trump Era Policies, the USCIS has issued a statement on three important areas of change to increase the efficiency of the agency and help restore faith in the immigration system as per the executive order signed by President Biden early in his Presidency.

The three areas that will be receiving changes in policy and rules are:

"Expedited Processing

Under the updated expedite criteria policy (PDF, 293.62 KB), benefit requestors and USCIS officers are provided further guidance on when expedited processing may be warranted.

Requests for Evidence and Notices of Intent to Deny

USCIS is returning to the principles of a June 2013 memo (PDF) that instructed agency officers to issue an RFE or NOID when additional evidence could potentially demonstrate eligibility for an immigration benefit.

USCIS is rescinding a July 2018 memo that permitted agency officers to deny certain immigration benefit requests instead of first issuing an RFE or NOID.

Employment Authorization Documents

Updated policy guidance (PDF, 296.76 KB) will increase the current one-year validity period on both initial and renewal EADs to two years for certain adjustment of status applicants. Increasing the validity period on EADs for certain adjustment applicants is expected to reduce the number of employment authorization requests USCIS receives and allow the agency to shift limited resources to other priority areas."

These policy changes are a welcomed and progressive shift by the Biden administration and will effectively start to reduce the tremendous backlog of cases that were created by the previous administration.

For full details on this event please follow the link below:

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