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USCIS Delays New CAP Selection rules and Announces the FY2022 Registration Date

In a late breaking update, the USCIS has chosen to delay the H-1B CAP Registration and Selection rules. As many of our readers are aware, The USCIS had begun the process of implementing, under the Trump Administration, a rule change to the H-1B CAP Registration and Selection rules.

The Rule In Question was to come into effect March 9th, 2021 and would have made CAP Selection based on Highest Prevailing wage in an working area. Thankfully such a large rule change has been delayed to December 31, 2021. With the announcement from the USCIS the rule will not be applicable to the FY2022 CAP, will be done based on random selection, as was done in the previous year.

Additionally, the CAP Registration date has been set for 12:00pm Noon (EST) March 9, 2021.

To Examine the full release please follow the links below

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