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USCIS Budget short fall leads to FURLOUGHS

Our offices have been apprised by out clients, who have received routine immigration audits, that the USCIS is expected to begin furloughing officers EFFECTIVE FIRST WEEK OF AUGUST, 2020

This falls in with reports of severe budget shortfalls that have hit the agency. The effect of this furlough would be severe processing times akin to a complete standstill. The anticipated agency furloughs will halt U.S. immigration, negatively impacting families, U.S. businesses, educational institutions, medical facilities, and churches.

If USCIS is essentially shut down, immigrants who are in the process of becoming naturalized U.S. citizens will not be able to complete the process in time to register to vote, DACA recipients will not be able to renew their benefits, asylum applicants will face increased delays, and businesses will be unable to hire or retain employees. We at IKS are keeping a close eye on this situation and will continually update our clients on any updates.

We invite you to read any of the following press material to gain and independent understanding of this event.


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