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Trump Era Immigration Court Fee increases are Blocked by Federal Court

I little touched upon aspect to the legal services is the principle of Access to Justice. As part of our mission at IKS ESQ LLC, our team works tirelessly to remain competitive and bring the best possible representation to our immigration and corporate clients.

Those whop work and examine immigration law have seen a wave of anti immigration policies come through our industry as part of a general position from the Trump Administration. One of the key areas that that previous administration flexed its power was on the policy and rule making abilities of its various bureaus and agencies.

A key tool used by the past administration was Fee increases, that are often stopped by injunction. The CLINIC v EOIR case was recently examined by the judiciary and placed an injunction upon fee increases when trying to appeal to the Executive Office for Immigration Review. A quote directly from the bench states that "[W]hen multiple legal service providers raised the alarm that increased filing fees would adversely impact their organizations and would depress their capacities to provide pro bono and low-cost legal services, the [Administrative Procedure Act] required EOIR to acknowledge those concerns and respond to them in a meaningful way, not blithely dismiss them as ‘outside the limited scope of this rulemaking." the court fundamentally sides with the notion that access to justice should not be cost too prohibitive.

A full and in-depth Breakdown of this case and its outcome can be found in the link below


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