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The Future of immigration in the Biden Administration

Ever since the Election victory was called for The Biden Campaign by the associated press, our office has been inundated with questions.

The central Theme of all the Questions we have received is "what will be the state of immigration during a Biden administration."

The reality of the situation is that no one really knows what the Biden administration will do in relation to immigration law. Many experts hypothesise that that the new administration will focus on DACA and Reversing the "Muslim Travel Ban". if there is anything that can be done it will be reversal of rule changes of the last 60 days as per the Congressional Review Act.

What has been confirmed is that a Biden administration will focus on the issues of COVID-19 and the Economy. Everything else is up in the air. Our Firm’s experience over the last 4 Administrations has been that changes will occur, but they will be slow.

For more information on this topic feel free to examine the link below.

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