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New DACA petitions will no longer be accepted... Again

A few weeks ago, SCOTUS (Supreme court of the unite states) delivered its judgment on the legality of ending the DACA program. In its majority judgment, SCOTUS held that the manner in which the program was to be phased out was against the Administrative Procedures Act. This decision reverted DACA back to its orignal state but left the door open for future cancellation of the program as long as the action was done within procedures. In an unsuprising move, the Trump Administration will not be accepting new DACA applications and only allowing 1-year extensions to existing petitions.

As this is an evolving situation, we at IKS will be continuing to monitor this event and will provide updates should here be any new information or guidance on this new action.

We invite everyone to read the supplemental material below in order to gain an independent understanding of this situation.

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