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Join Us for an exclusive Webinar

Join our exclusive webinar hosted by Mr. Kiel Kamin, Senior Investor Relations Manager at CMB Regional Centers. Kiel will be joined by guest panelist Ms. Inderjit K. Sidhu, Esq. - Immigration Attorney at Inderjit K. Sidhu ESQ. LLC.. This exclusive webinar is free of charge to prospective investors who have shown interest in the EB-5 Visa for permanent residency in the USA. Mr. Kamin will discuss: CMB Regional Centers and CMB’s current EB-5 offering. Ms. Sidhu will discuss: EB-5 as a direct route to permanent residency, requirements of the program & the immigration timeline. We encourage you to participate in the interactive Q&A by sending questions you would like to have our panelists address during the webinar. Please direct your questions to:


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