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Immigration Executive Orders signed by President Biden

As Previously reported on, the newly instated President Biden has come out of the gate with a series of executive orders that reverse many Trump Era policies. Not Mincing words, the executive orders signed by biden are a clear rebuke of the previous President's actions and rhetoric.

Two Major orders in the Field of Immigration is the Preservation and Refortification of the Daca Program, building upon Obama Era Policies for children of undocumented immigrants. As well as a major Proclamation on ending the discriminatory practices of the so called Trump Era "Muslim ban" on countries with a majority Muslim Population.

We at IKS see this movie as a clear sign of a more open and inclusive Immigration Platform. We will be keeping on eye on any developments to come within this exciting new administration.

To read these executive orders, We at IKS ESQ LLC invite you to follow the links below for the official White House press release.

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