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DACA Blocked by US Court... Again

In yet a surprising move in a recent case examined by the federal court, the ever Targeted DACA Program has once again been halted by a Texas Federal Court. The court in its ruling claims that the Program illegal on Administrative Grounds.

The Honorable Secretary of the United States Department of Homeland Security, Anthony Mayorkas, has issued a statement on the recent DACA Ruling:

“I am disappointed by yesterday’s ruling and its impact on families across the country, but it will not derail our efforts to protect Dreamers. The Biden-Harris Administration—and this country—remain as committed as ever to ensuring that Dreamers are protected from the threat of deportation and are allowed to continue to contribute to this country that is their home. DHS remains focused on safeguarding DACA, and we will engage the public in a rulemaking process to preserve and fortify DACA. The Department of Justice also intends to appeal yesterday’s order. Moreover, we will continue processing DACA renewal requests, consistent with the ruling. Still, only the passage of legislation will give full protection and a path to citizenship to DACA recipients. In January, President Biden offered a legislative proposal, and in March the House of Representatives passed the 'American Dream and Promise Act.' I urge Congress to act swiftly to enact legislation through the reconciliation process to provide permanent protection that the American people want and Dreamers have earned.”

We at IKS are deeply troubled by the courts action's in this matter. As the Secretary recommends. this problem must be handled by the Congress of the United States, and must be enshrined by a more permanent solution away from stoppages.

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