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Consular Processing After Sunsetting of Proclamation 10052

The bar of entry for some selected categories of foreign persons is finally ending. During the Trump Era, entry of certain nonimmigrants was suspended as per a Presidential Proclamation. The proclamation was extended most recently to March 31, 2021 by former President Trump in Presidential Proclamation 10131 (PP 10131) issued on December 31, 2020.

We would like to caution our readers, the expiration of PP 10052 will not likely result in immediate processing of their nonimmigrant visa applications. A host of significant logistical and bureaucratic issues must be dealt with before any return to normalcy.

A major question that needs to be answers is, What is the state of Consular Processing After Sunsetting of Proclamation 10052? unfortunately even with the sunsetting of the non immigrant entry suspension, the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to impact post operations and with many health-related bans still in place, will likely continue to impact posts’ ability to process cases. We hope this news meets our readers well, and The Team at IKS ESQ will remain vigilant on this story as more information develops..

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