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AILA is Asking People to Share Their Experience with Delayed Notices and Long Processing Times

Call for Examples: Sympathetic Stories of Individuals Affected by USCIS Receipt Notice Delays or Who Were Rejected Months After Filing "AILA is aware of long pending receipt notice delays at USCIS Lockbox facilities Practice Alert: Receipt Notice Delays for Applications and Petitions Filed with USCIS Lockbox, AILA Doc. No. 20111936]. AILA is also aware of reports from members who have received rejections on applications and petitions, months after the application or petition was filed with USCIS, who are unable to re-file as their client’s priority date is no longer current. In an effort to raise this issue to the media and the agency, AILA seeks client stories highlighting the real-world impact and consequences of these receipt notices delays, such as inability to maintain work authorization, inability to apply for a driver’s license, etc. Please note that AILA will not be raising individual cases to USCIS for resolution. Please also note that the CIS Ombudsman is assisting individuals who have not received a receipt notice 90 days after the application/petition was received by USCIS. Please refer any follow-up questions or trouble with example submission to, subject line “USCIS Receipt Notice Delays”

We at IKS ESQ LLC ask all our clients who experienced this undue delay by the USCIS to considered telling their stories to help ensure that meaningful change can be enacted. Through Our Collective Voices we can force Law Makers to ensure that due process is upheld to a standard of excellence fitting the United States of America.

More information can be found at the link below.

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