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2019 Public Charge Rule Vacated and Removed

The Public charge rule that has plagued AOS applications and other naturalization petitions has been vacated after a series of dismissals by the Appellate and Supreme Court of the United States.

In at statement from Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas:

“Today, DHS closed the book on the public charge rule and is doing the same with respect to a proposed rule regarding the affidavit of support that would have placed undue burdens on American families wishing to sponsor individuals lawfully immigrating to the U.S.,”

The haphazard implementation of this rule, with little guidance from the Immigration agencies in the Trump Era, created havoc for for many Immigrants and their families.

The Team at IKS ESQ are enthusiastic of this change and will apply the latest case law and legal rules to better represent the interests of our clients.

Please use the Link Below to gain and better and complete understanding of this event.,immediately%20stopped%20applying%20the%20rule.&text=DHS%20is%20committed%20to%20implementing,unnecessary%20barriers%20to%20legal%20immigration.%E2%80%9D

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